Types Of Foam Mousse From Nouvelle Nouveau – How To Use To Get Maximum Benefits?

Foam mousse for hair is a good product unless it doesn't dry the scalp and flake it or use alcohol. Only a few top brands like Nouvelle Nouveau have such quality foam mousses. If you use it properly, it's the best for your hair. If you overuse and don't follow the steps and precautions, the product may not yield optimal results. So, we shall see the different types of foam mousse, their benefits and how to use them. Please read them before trying out the foam mousse for hair from NVNV Beauty. When you have more knowledge about the product, you will know how to use it wisely and get the best results.

Different Types Of Foam Mousse For Hair:

At NVNV Beauty, we have a four foam mousse set. It takes care of the significant needs of your hair like cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, curls defining and styling. We get all the foam mousse as a bundle at a very reasonable cost. It's a hot-selling combo of NVNV Beauty. Youngsters and adults both love to use simple and quick-drying products. The highlight is though it dries fast, it doesn't flake the scalp as it doesn't use alcohol. And that's why it became the favourite product of Americans. A few of the many products from Nouvelle Nouveau include:

  • Waterless No-Rinse Cleansing Foam: Many people are addicted to washing their hair daily; for most Americans, shampoo is a daily affair. The side effects of over-shampooing and over-washing are dreadful, and we have discussed them in our previous blogs. This waterless cleansing foam is a boon if you need a quick cleanse and have no time to wash your hair in the water. It removes the dirt and lets the hair grow in a healthy environment. The fruity grape scent from the foam keeps you away from foul odours and calms your senses. It also makes you ready for a new hairdo in seconds.
  • Curd Defining Extra Hold Foam: Of all the foam mousse products at Nouvelle Nouveau, it is the top seller. Harmless hair styling products are on-demand, and curl-defining extra hold foam works well. Curly hair is trending again, and people are not losing interest in hair straightening. As you opt for curly hairstyles, the foam helps you to define the curls and helps to hold them in place for long. It helps lay the edges and gives you natural curls a bounce and shine. You can check the link to know more about curly hair care.
  • Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner Foam: The foam mousse from NVNV Beauty suits all hair types and lengths. It's just like the conditioner you use after shampoo, but it's not messy and easy to apply. Apply the blueberry scented foam and see how it hydrates, moisturizes and conditions your hair strands and scalp. The foam doesn't stick to your hair and stays wet; it dries quickly and leaves no residue. It strengthens the hair from within and reduces hair breakage. You can use it every day and keep your hair nourished and healthy all day.
  • Texturizing Styling Foam: The green apple flavour makes it mild and pleasant to the senses. The texture of the hair is significant as it's the outward appearance that everyone will see. If hair volume makes people turn back and look at you, then texture is equally important. The foam mousse provides a natural shine, frizz-free day and an attractive look. It doesn't leave any residue but adds more volume and bounce even to your limp hair. You can even use the foam mousse on coloured hair without side effects. Get party-ready in a few minutes and style your hair as you wish.

Benefits Of Foam Mousse: 

Here we mention the benefits of using the foam mousse for hair from NVNV Beauty. You may not get the same results from other brand mousses. All the natural hair foam products from Nouvelle Nouveau have no alcohol or harmful ingredients. The products are non-drying and non-flaking, so that you can use them without any worries.

  • Easy to use. It tames all the hair strands and gives a good look.
  • If you need instant volume boost, texture change and shine, go for foam mousse.
  • You can style your hair quickly.
  • The styling foam protects you from heat damage.
  • It helps to adapt your hair promptly to new hairdos.
  • Hair styling with foam mousse doesn't lead to hair breakage.
  • It defines the curls and keeps your hair frizz-free.
  • The hair looks shinier and more attractive.
  • It gives a good volume boost than the volumizing shampoos or conditioners on the market.
  • It protects the hair from humidity and wet hair washes that strips off the natural moisture.
  • The foam mousses are the best if you often travel as it's easy to carry.
  • It guards your hair strands against the harsh impacts of the polluted environment.

How To Use Foam Mousse? It's good to check the usage directions with each product or visit the product page at NVNV Beauty to know how to use each foam and when is the right time to apply the styling foam. You can also check the ingredients list and see if you are allergic to any component. 

  • Shake the container well. It's the foremost and first step in using any foam mousse from any brand.
  • Take an ample amount of foam into your hand. It varies depending on the length and volume of your hair. You will get used to it with trial and error.
  • Now apply the foam on all hair strands and wait a few seconds for it to work,
  • It dries fast so that you can style your hair quickly. You can use the foam mousses daily, and it won't harm your hair.

We hope all this information about foam mousse will help you get a clearer idea about foam mousse. If you are still afraid about using the hair styling product, you can start with the curl-defining mousse. Once you start using the hair products from NVNV Beauty, you will understand how beneficial it is. The styling foam for braids and braid gel is an excellent combination to protect your braided look. Foam mousse for braids makes the hairdo very easy and helps maintain the hairstyle with elegance. Visit Nouvelle Nouveau to explore other products too.