Curly Hair Care Routine For Beginners

Curly hair looks fantastic. But it is challenging to maintain. You no longer need to trim your hair or straighten it. Nouvelle Nouveau has terrific hair care products that make life easy for curly-haired people. Your hair type may be kinky, coils, spirals, or slightly wavy. NVNV Beauty has lovely products to define curls and maintain them. You don't need a lot of energy, time, or money to achieve your dream look. The products also make hair styling easy. Here we give you a minimalistic yet powerful hair care routine.

  • Hair Cleanse: The first step in the hair care routine is properly shampooing and removing the dirt. As we travel, our hair attracts dust particles. The serums and oils we use may have chemicals. So, a thorough cleanse is necessary once a week. Both the scalp and hair strands need a mild wash. But the shampoo shouldn't strip off all the moisture in the hair, so a good hydrating shampoo is best for curly hair. If you are always on a busy schedule and have no time for grooming, you have new options for a quick cleanse. Nowadays, we also have waterless cleansers. Check out the new foam mousse at Nouvelle Nouveau. You can use it daily. The hair care product is mess-free, and it dries in a minute. It's the best for office goers.
  • Detangle And Hydrate Your Hair: The next step after a shower is to dry and comb your hair. Never comb when the hair is wet. It's tough to detangle curly hair. Some people leave them as it is. But it can cause huge hair loss. You should remove the tangles every day to keep them healthy. NVNV Beauty has a deep-rooted leave-in Detangler. It removes the knots and moisturizes the hair from the roots. Prepared from natural coconut oil, it has no side effects. It is the best for curly hair. You can use the detangler after shampoo or even on dry hair. Just spray an ample amount of the hair product on your hair and comb it. If you need a no-cost option, sprinkle some water on your hair and detangle yourself.
  • Oil You Hair Often: Natural hair texture adds more beauty. To maintain it, it's a must to oil hair regularly. Good hair oil helps to keep a healthy scalp and hair. There are many types of oil available in the market. Each has its characteristics. Choose the hair oil that suits your scalp type. Hair absorbs some oils quickly and keeps it hydrated for hours or days. Some hair oils also act as a natural leave-in conditioner. Many serums are available in the market, which makes hair oil outdated. But oil for hair is a necessity. It gives you fuller and thicker hair strands. Hair growth also increases when you use oil. Curly hair stays in control, and oil helps stop flyaways. Nouvelle Nouveau has a fantastic extreme growth oil combo. Check it now to know more about it.
  • Have A Healthy Diet: Oils and external application helps to maintain hair. A good hair care routine starts with your diet. Eat healthy foods. More raw vegetables and fruits keep hair shiny and strong. Omega-3 is essential for hair growth and is found mainly in fish, nuts, and avocados. Low-fat protein and dairy foods make the roots stronger. It prevents hair breakage and hair loss. Drink more water and try to have seven different colors of food on your plate. Greens are essential for long and fuller hair. Some people take supplements for hair. Suppose you cannot take healthy food due to unavoidable reasons, then it is okay. But cooked or raw food is always better than dietary pills. You can visit a dietitian to know more about diet for hair.

Once you are okay with this routine, you can add more hair care tips. Braiding is suitable for people with curly hair as it prevents hair breakage and improves hair growth. You can try good-quality braid gels. Visit NVNV Beauty for the latest products on hair care and hairstyling. The best idea is to add them one by one. Never change products often. Give time for the change to work on your hair. A minimum of six months is necessary to notice changes in the hair. Happy good hair days! I wish your hair more strength and charm.