Hair Care Tips For Braids – The Dos And Donts

The old traditions may have disappeared, but youngsters are eager to learn about them and pursue those old habits. Native Americans believe braid signifies spirituality. When you comb your hair, it represents arrangement or proper ordering of thoughts. When you braid, you bring the different views together. Open hair represents weak spirituality, whereas braided hair signifies unity and strength. In the middle years, people didnt practice braiding because it was challenging to maintain hair. Office goers were on the rise, so the women had little time for grooming. Everything moved to the salon, and only quick hairdos thrived. But now, with the advent of new innovative gels, oils, creams, and devices, hair stylists are bringing back the age-old tradition of braiding. Nouvelle Nouveau offers a wide variety of products that support easy braiding. Here we shall see how you can care for your braids and keep them for longer days:

Are Braids Good For Your Hair? There is a common myth that braids increase the growth rate. Hair grows, as usual; the only difference you will see is fewer tangles and a reduction in hair loss. The hair retains moisture, so the strands stay healthy and strong. So, the hair will look denser. Braids come under a protective hairstyle; hence it is suitable for curly hair. The hair will crease and adapt to the new curl pattern when you braid your curls and keep it for long. While you sleep with loose hair or ponytail, hair loss may occur due to friction between the hair and the pillow. Use a silk pillow and braid your hair at night, to prevent hair breakage. To get maximum benefits, you have to braid it loosely; the gentler you are with your hair, it will stay strong and not break easily. Besides the benefits you get from braided hair, it also keeps your face undisturbed and clean from flying hairs.

Should I Oil My Scalp With Braids? Moisturize your hair with oil or braid gel from NVNV Beauty. The natural sebum or scalp oil keeps your hair hydrated, but we use shampoo and other chemicals which strip off the natural moisturizer, so it's a must to oil hair. Moisturize the hair from the roots. First, dry your hair after a good shower, then apply extreme growth oil or healing oil from the roots. It's essential to moisturize your hair, and on the other side, it's also necessary that you don't extremely dry your scalp with over-shampooing. If you need to clean your hair, use the waterless no-rinse cleansing foam mousse. It is non-drying and non-flaking. The products from Nouvelle Nouveau are enough to take care of your braided hair. Frequently use braid gel on the braids whenever you feel it is dry.

How Long Should You Keep In Braids? If you have cleansed your hair perfectly and followed all necessary care before braiding, you can keep it for two weeks to even two months. But experts say it's good to clean the braided hair every three weeks. The better option is to talk to your stylist and ask them how long you can keep the braids so that your scalp and hair will remain healthy. In between, follow the tips and hair care routine to maintain the braids. At Nouvelle Nouveau, there are specialized combos meant for caring for braided hair. Everything comes to you as you try it. Once you start braiding, listen to your hair and make changes accordingly. How long you keep the braids also depends on the type of braid you choose.

How Do You Moisturize Braids? Use a leave-in conditioner and detangler on the braids to keep them frizz-free. You can also use natural oils like extreme growth hair oil from NVNV Beauty. It ensures that the scalp remains moisturized and healthy. The oil nourishes the roots and thickens the hair strands. Alternatively, you can use the detangler or oils like coconut or almond on your hair. It's better to use braid gels, but some people even use moisturizers and petroleum jelly. It's better to avoid such chemicals that are not good for your hair. Always remember your braids and scalp should never dry out completely. Visit NVNV Beauty today, and there are loads of products you can use for braid care.

I hope these hair care tricks and tips will help you in braiding. Click the link to know more about the detangler from NVNV Beauty. Buy good quality hair care products that have zero side effects. Follow a routine and be regular. Don' lose heart and keep trying until you find the perfect hair care routine for your hair. Don't overdo things like oiling or shampooing, and at the same time, don't miss out on moisturizing and cleaning too. Everything lies in how you find the right balance. Click the link to learn about the hair care routine using the products of Nouvelle Nouveau.