Easy And Important Steps In Braiding Hair- Must Read For Beginners

New beginnings are exciting. We all rush in a sudden urge and start a lot of things. But over time, we get lost in the busy world and never get time to follow what we started with passion. Braiding is an exciting art that protects your hair and helps it grow. Here you will get the basic idea of the dos and don'ts of braiding and what products you need. Before you start braiding your hair, please read the following tips.

Dry Or Wet Hair – When To Braid? When your hair is wet, it is fragile. If you comb your hair now, the strands will break, and you will end up with many flyaway hairs. Sometimes the frequent pulling and detangling can uproot the hair from its roots leading to hair loss. Some hairstyles demand you to try them on wet hair. But I feel it's good to avoid such hairstyles as they are harmful to your scalp and hair strands. It is best to wait for the hair to dry before detangling or braiding. If you are in an emergency or need to be party ready in a few minutes, try the Nouvelle Nouveau's waterless cleanser. It removes the dirt and impurities without the need to wash your head with water. You can also use the conditioning and moisturizing foam mousse set before braiding. The foam mousses from NVNV Beauty dries quickly, but it doesn't harm your hair, so you can style immediately without the need to wait or use a blow dryer. Always braid your dry hair; that's the secret to maintaining denser, thicker hair for long. 

Detangle: If you are braiding again to give it a fresh and clean look, separate each braid and detangle it before braiding it again. If braiding freshly, use a good wide tooth detangling comb to remove all the knots and tangles. If you don't detangle, braiding will be challenging and time-consuming. NVNV Beauty has an easy-to-use coconut-based detangler. It's a leave-in-conditioner that removes all the knots. Visit the link to know about the benefits and significance of the deeply rooted leave-in detangler. Some people apply oil or serums before detangling. It's your wish. If you use such detanglers before combing, it reduces hair breakage and makes detangling easier. But please avoid chemical-based detanglers as they can damage your hair significantly. People with denser or curly hair can separate into sections and detangle one section at a time. You can clip the partitions for easy braiding. If you plan cornrows or box braids, divide the areas accordingly.

Brush Your Hair: After detangling, the next step is to brush your hair. There is a lot of hair brush available. Choose your brand and the material for the bristle. The bristle should not cause hair breakage. Many people feel nylon bristles aren't good, but some love it. So, please try the brush yourself and find which one suits you. We have many hairbrush types like boar bristle, silicone bristles, etc. Hairbrushes are different for wet hair, detangling, and showering. Whatever the style of brush, brushing controls the flyaway hairs and gives a neat look. Brush each section before you braid. Some women brush their hair as they keep braiding. This step prevents tangles from spoiling the braid. Tangle Teezer and Denman are some brands with a top-quality hairbrush that detangles and smooths the hair strands. Are you braiding in a salon? Then you do not need to worry about any of these things. But we cannot guarantee that they will use only harmless hair products.

Apply Braid Gel: Braid gels will help you conceal the split ends and gives a moisturized, healthy appearance. The braid gel from Nouvelle Nouveau dries quickly, moisturizes, hydrates, and prevents flyaway. It strengthens the hair from the roots, nourishes it, and gives a denser look. Apply the braid gel after drying your hair. You can also apply it to the sections of braids. It's a must to take some braid gel and rub it on the edges of the braid to keep it perfect. It also deeply moisturizes the scalp and keeps the hair free of oil and dust. It is non-greasy and blends with your hair quickly. You can also apply it over the braid to prevent the hair from drying. It also holds the hairstyle for days. As it's a hot selling product, Nouvelle Nouveau offers combo offers. You get three pieces at just 47 dollars. There are also some combos specially curated for people who braid. Beginners should start with such kits and try which suits them best.

Choose Simple Braids: Initially, if you are going to braid at home, start with simple braids that are easy to maintain. You can try easy braids like the French braid or the simple three-strand braid. Just wash your hair, dry it, detangle and brush first. Then go to the mirror, section your hair and start braiding. Once you master the simpler styles, go for a little more. Now we can buy braiding tools in the market which help to finish your hairdo quickly. You can also try a variation of the basic braiding styles and be creative like a hairstylist. Simple braids are easy to maintain. If you have someone else to help in braiding your hair, go for complex ones. But make sure you can maintain it; otherwise, you will lose hair. While you are braiding, use gentle hair bands that don't hurt your hair. Satin-based scrunchies, Invisobobble hair pins and bands, and silky thread are good options. 

Use Hair Oil: We already have a blog post highlighting hair oils' importance and benefits. If you have missed that, please read it now. NVNV Beauty has two hair oils. One is to improve hair growth, and the other heals the scalp and strengthens the hair. The combo is a hot-selling product. Braiding enhances hair growth and prevents hair loss. But if you also oil your braided hair, it works better, and your hair will grow long very quickly. Try it now by clicking the link.

Visit the link to learn more about caring for your hair while braiding. Youngsters were avoiding braids because it was hard to maintain and time-consuming. But now, there are advanced tools, serums, oils, gels, etc., to ease our braiding journey. Nouvelle Nouveau is where you get all modern hair care products at a reasonable price. The products are of top class, and they have zero side effects. At every step, the maker has ensured that only the top quality reaches your doorstep. Visit the link to know more.