Detailed Guide To Maintain Hair During Summer In America

The hair care routine has to change with the seasons. In winter you mostly stay indoors, whereas during summers you venture out, go to the beaches and enjoy the sun. The UV radiation can depigment your hair and make it thin and brittle. You have to change your hair care routine and products to cope with the summer days of America. Nouvelle Nouveau offers the best hair care and styling products. All foam mousse from NVNV Beauty is allergy-free as they don't use any harsh chemicals or alcohol. As you read the expert tips for hair maintenance in summer, you can visit Nouvelle Nouveau and choose the products you need. The steps mentioned here are easy to follow and suit all hair types:

  1. Trim Your Hair At The Start Of Summer: A summer cut is the best hairstyle to fight against the humid days. Even if you don't trim it so short, it's good to reduce the density or length. You will feel more comfortable, or it will be a bit annoying. If you travel to places with humid climates, trim your hair short because sweat damages your hair and irritates you. The summer season is a growing phase(anagen) for your hair, and it sees quick hair growth. You can cut your hair without worries as it will come back very soon. Once the hair gets more air and freedom, it stimulates the scalp to let the hair get longer quickly.
  2. Adopt Loose Hair Styles: During summer, your scalp and hair will be drier than usual. When you pull the hair and braid it tightly, the strands may break off easily. So always choose loose braids or relaxed hairstyles during summer. If it is irritating at the neck, tie it in a loose bun or a high ponytail when venturing out. You can also look for summer hairstyles and stick to them. If necessary, braid your hair; always use a good quality braid gel. The Stay Laid Braid gel from Nouvelle Nouveau is suitable for your hair. You can try it out today.
  3. Protect Hair From UV Rays: The sun is out, and you are lying on the beach enjoying the hot day. The problem comes in the form of beach sand and the sun above. You can rinse off the sand from your hair, but how will you protect it from the sun's rays. You can't always cover your hair or stay indoors. Even if you use an umbrella still, the heat will have its toll on you. To protect the strands from ultraviolet, use a spray, oil, gel or cream that fights against the sun's rays. It also protects the scalp from skin cancer risks. Here at NVNV Beauty, we have an excellent healing oil it nourishes the hair and protects the scalp from any issues. In addition, you can also use a hat or a scarf to cover your head.
  4. Precautions Before Going To The Sea: You may want to dive into the sea for a while whenever you visit it. The saltwater on your hair is harmful. But we don't ask you to stop swimming or playing in the ocean. But we have some suggestions for you. Wet your hair with pure water before diving in. Similarly, it's good to wash off the salt water once you come out. If possible, go back to your room immediately and get a quick shower. If not, carry a water bottle with a spraying option as it can help a bit. If nothing works, use a good leave-in conditioner or detangler like Deeply Rooted Leave-In Detangler. They act as a protective coating around the strands and prevent the salt water from attacking your hair. Sea water can also damage your skin, so prepare yourself before going to a beach.
  5. How To Prevent Damage From Swimming? It's common for people to go for a swimming session just like men going on for a hunting or fishing in the wild. The water may be good, yet it damages the hair. The chlorine used in swimming pools is very good at removing our hair's natural oil. It's equally dangerous as seawater. The pool water dries the hair and makes it brittle. While swimming, you can use a cap to protect the strands from the chemicals. It is also best to use the healing oil regularly to prevent any infections. Keep your hair moisturized with foam mousse from NVNV Beauty. Moisturizing conditioning foam mousse for hair is the best for summer. If you have a swimming pool, use chemical-free water.
  6. Avoid Heat On Hair: You may have used blow dryers and irons during the winter. Hot hair styling equipment thin your hair over time. But we cannot avoid them in today's world. As summer comes, the impact will be more. But now, your hair will naturally dry after the shower, so why not avoid the blow dryer. You can also lower the use of curl irons or straightening irons to two days a week. If you need a curl, have a mini shower at night, curl your hair as you wish, or tie it up as a curly bun and sleep. In the morning, you will have natural curls. You can also use curl definers or foam mousse for hair. NVNV Beauty has a foam set that's very useful for summer hairdos. Visit the link to know more.
  7. Don't Wash Your Hair More Than Necessary: When it's too humid and hot, we always wish to have a quick shower, washing off all the dirt and sweat from head to toe. It gives a refreshing feel, but don't wash your scalp often during the summer. When you shampoo or wash often, the natural oil goes off, making your scalp secrete oil more and giving it a messy look. It pushes you to clean it repeatedly, but the scalp will remain oily. People generally use dry shampoo, hazel oil or a small amount of corn starch. At Nouvelle Nouveau, they have an excellent no-rinse waterless hair cleanser. It's a foam mousse that's very useful during summer; if you want to buy it at the lowest price possible, visit the link

The sun may be harsh or mild, but you have to take precautions daily. These tips are well enough to protect your golden locks from the scorching sun. If still, you are experiencing hair loss, read three things you need to know about hair loss. You can also go through our detailed blog on hair routines for curly locks.