Common Hair Facts That Can Change Your Hair Care Plan

Nouvelle Nouveau is trying to break myths and raise awareness about hair care. We have been making many mistakes for a long time affecting how we take care of our hair. Here we shall see three common facts we don't pay much attention to when deciding on our hair care plan. We cannot accept them as truths but wish to believe the opposite. Let's see it in detail.

Hair Fall Is Natural: Survey confirms people have one and a half lakh or at least one lakh hair strands. It's an average calculation and varies from person to person. Suppose you shed between fifty to one fifty hair strands in a day; it is normal. If it's more than that, check out your diet, and if possible, you can also get a blood test done to determine if you have any deficiencies. After assuring your health is good, look for the weather or environment changes and adjust your hair care accordingly. It's a fact that your hair strand has a short life span of around five years if it doesn't break or go through any other problem like dandruff. After that, it will fall and grow back, and it's natural. Sometimes the hair care products you use also can cause extreme hair fall. Please ensure you always buy natural hair products from trusted brands like NVNV Beauty to protect your hair strands from falling off and help it complete its life span. 

Hair Grows Back: Do you know that our hair strands grow fast as it's the second quick-growing part in our body, while bone marrow comes as first the fast-growing tissue? Once hair comes out from the follicle, it starts growing. So, we need not worry about hair loss as we are sure it will grow back until the follicles are healthy and alive. So, it's a fact that hair always grows back until you keep your follicles healthy. Mostly when ninety percent of your hair is in a growing phase, ten percent of it is in a resting phase. So, you may not see the hair growing continually. You need not stress about hair not growing back, as extreme stress and anxiety can affect your hair growth. If you are recently experiencing excessive hair loss or any other hair issues, please visit Nouvelle Nouveau. Here you get to see some top-quality hair care products and tips on hair care. 

Dandruff Is Not Dry Scalp: Sometimes, when you use Sulphur based shampoos, the scalp flakes up and, if left uncared, causes dandruff. It does not mean that if you have dandruff, then your scalp is dry. Malassezia is a fungus similar to the yeast that grows on your scalp to cause dandruff. It survives by consuming oil, so an oily scalp is a breeding ground for the fungus. It's why your hair problems increase when you oil much. Improving your hair care plan, changing your diet, and taking anti-dandruff treatments greatly help. You should also know what chemicals to avoid while you choose your hair care products. Click the link to learn more. At Nouvelle Nouveau, we have some excellent hair care and styling products that don't have harmful drying chemicals like alcohol. The products come after much research and are so suitable for sensitive scalps. Why not try them today?

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