What Are The Chemicals That Harm Hair? Does NVNV Beauty Have Them?

We all have a common misconception that all the expensive hair care and hair styling products are enough for healthy hair. But all these products are just a waste of money. They use many hazardous chemicals that have harsh reactions. Nowadays, many people are consciously choosing hypoallergenic products. Carcinogenic ingredients make the situation worse. The manufacturers must shift their focus from low-cost, quick-working products to healthy options. The harsh chemicals may look highly effective for a few days when applied to the hair. But in a few weeks, you will experience hair fall and hair thinning. Some side effects are irreversible. So, experts insist on checking the ingredients label before trying out any new hair care or styling products. At Nouvelle Nouveau, you can order anything, and you will find none of these harsh chemicals. The manufacturer is selling them at a reasonable cost, so please visit the link. Here we have listed some common hazards in hair care products. It will be of great help the next time you go for a shopping haul.

  • Sulfates: Shampoo and hair cleansing manufacturers use sulfates as cleaning agents. Sulfates are available at low cost. It produces more lather and so can remove all grease and dirt on the scalp and make it completely dry. Sulfates make hair cleaning easy, and it cuts manufacturing costs significantly. It doesn't cause any direct or immediate harm to your hair, but the sulfates dry out the scalp and hair too much, often causing severe side effects. The dryness may lead to dandruff, split ends, and hair loss. If your hair care product has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, please stop using them and never buy shampoos with sulfates. For side effect free cleansers visit Nouvelle Nouveau.
  • Parabens: The research says that parabens can create hormonal imbalances and affect fertility or reproductive function. It can also increase the chances of cancer. Experts advise people to avoid parabens in cosmetics as a precautionary step. Furthermore, they are the cause of skin irritation and allergies. Parabens are not suitable for the scalp and the hair. Some say that parabens can affect the hair's color and weaken the roots. Similar to sulfate, parabens also dry out the hair. If you are environment preserving citizen, then you should know that parabens affect life in the water. So will you let the poison in your shampoo go down your drain and affect the poor creatures living inside the water?
  • Mineral Oil: Again, the commonly used mineral oil is another low-cost option favored by manufacturers. It adds shine and easily detangles the hair, preventing split ends and forming a protective coat over the hair strands. It cannot penetrate the hair, so it cannot heal the strands. The mineral oil doesn't treat hair problems like natural oils like coconut oil or castor oil. Some people are allergic to mineral oil, which can flake up the scalp. Some side effects of mineral oil are eye irritation, scalp irritation, and acne. Suppose you breathe the mineral oil, it may harm the lungs and leads to cough or breathing trouble. Studies are going on about the effects of mineral oil on hair and scalp. As of now, it suggests that mineral oil can impair hair growth and even stop it in the long run.
  • Alcohols: Nowadays, more awareness is there about excessive hair drying. Alcohols in hair care and styling products quickly dry the scalp and hair strands. By the way, we are not talking about drinking alcohol. It's about the results of the topical application of denatured alcohol. Most products use alcohol, so the hair product dries quickly and doesn't stay greasy. But sadly, alcohol makes the hair worse. It causes split ends, brittle hair, dandruff, hair loss, and breakage, which, left uncared, may end up with poor and messy hair. At Nouvelle Nouveau, you get a wide range of alcohol-free hair styling products, from foam mousses to braid gels. The products from NVNV Beauty have no side effects so anyone can try them.
  • Formaldehyde: Are you experiencing severe headache or dizziness, and is your neurologist finding it troublesome to zero in on the cause? Check if any of your hair care or styling products have formaldehyde as one of the ingredients. It may be the reason for your correct trouble. They can also cause eye irritation, rashes, respiratory problems, nausea, and chest pain. More hair-smoothing serums, gels, and treatments use very harmful formaldehyde. It's a well-known carcinogen. Formaldehyde may straighten your hair, but it causes enormous hair loss and many other severe illnesses and side effects. Use natural hair care products from NVNV Beauty. They are mild, effective, and don't have any side effects.
  • Silicones: Theoretically, silicone doesn't cause any direct harm to your hair. But still, experts advise people to opt for silicone-free hair products. Do you know why? The main reason silicone is in your hair product is because it adds more shine and gloss to the product. Silicones lock the moisture in your hair strands. You may ask, isn't that good, then why do you have to avoid them? The problem is once it seals, the silicones will not let even essential nutrients enter the hair, just like antibiotics that kill both the good and bad bacteria, causing a good impact and a harmful effect at the same time. Initially, it gives a temporary glow, but the hair becomes dull and greasy as time passes. Your hair will weaken as time passes and looks flat and limp. You will find it hard to wash if it isn't water-soluble silicone.
  • Phthalates: We know chemicals in hair products, and environmental changes cause damaged hair. Phthalates are very hazardous as they can bring a range of health problems if you use them often. Many top branded companies say they have stopped using phthalates in hair products. But still, we see traces of it in many bestselling hair care products. We should create awareness about the side effects so that people will go for safer options. The phthalates significantly affect the balance in the hormones and stimulate hair loss. Harmful phthalates cause many other health issues, and it's the principal cause of infertility worldwide. The other ill effects include asthma, birth issues, cancer, etc. Phthalates are predominantly found in plastic wares and have grown up as silent killers of humanity. When we use hair products with phthalates, we also pollute the environment and spoil other little lives around us.

There are a few more chemicals, too, but they are not found much in top-quality products. Always choose natural products like the coconut-based detangler from NVNV Beauty or their castor oil-based healing oil. When you use homemade hair oils, always take cold-pressed oils as a base. Take an excellent anti-oxidant-rich diet to remove the toxins you gain from these chemicals. Replace all your toxic hair care products with natural ones. Healthy hair also depends on how you protect them from getting damaged further. Follow our blog to stay updated. We post hair care tips and tricks every week.