Causes Of Hair Thinning And The Ways To Prevent Them

Hair thinning can be hereditary. Hormonal changes, steroids, medical treatments, radiation therapies, stress, depression, anxiety, and some hair styling tools and practices can lead to hair thinning. Once your health is normal, your hair will start growing thicker. But if the reason is genetic or other underlying scalp or hair issues, it's more serious. If your hair becomes thin due to medical problems like pregnancy or nutrition deficiency, you have to focus on restoring your health. Whenever you feel your hair is thinning, take immediate steps. If self-treatment doesn't work and the situation deteriorates, please go to a nearby dermatologist immediately. 

Excess Hair Styling: We love caring for and grooming our hair. Hair do's give a new lift and look to our face. Different hairstyles make us look pretty, and if done wrongly, we may look awkward too. Some get addicted to hair styling and go on straightening, curling, and coloring the hair. It weakens the hair strands from the roots, makes them dry, and leads to hair loss. The chemicals and the heat thin the hair. In a few days, the hair looks limp, and no styling or treatment can bring back its past shine and density. So please avoid such type of hair styling. If you are doing it for a day, accompany it with proper care for the following days, so it gets back to its prior health. Visit NVNV Beauty hair products for styling to avoid hair thinning. 

Tighter Bands And Clips: Many people use a lot of clips and hair pins for styling their hair. It's a must to hold the unruly strands, but using tighter hair clips will affect the hair. Mostly you experience hair loss, breakage, and thinning after the use of tight hair clips. If you use tighter ponytail holders or tight clips at the end of braids, the place where the clip tightly clasps becomes weak. When the hair grows, it will look thinner after that slipping area. It will look awkward, and there are no remedies for it. Even if you use a top-quality volumizer, the hair will look limp. Please use soft and gentle hair clips and pins on your hair. You can also choose hairstyles that need fewer clips. Visit Nouvelle Nouveau to check out the styling foam mousse set and braid gel. They make hair styling easy. 

Poor Diet: Vitamin D deficiency is the leading cause of hair thinning. American climate doesn't allow us to experience enough sun to synthesize Vitamin D. Some people take periodic supplements. Cod liver oil and lard are healthy and good sources of Vitamin D. You can add more fish and lard to your diet to prevent thinning of hair. Some autoimmune disease also weakens the hair follicle and cause hair thinning. It's better to have a complete checkup and consult a good dermatologist. Protein, iron, and biotin are essential nutrients to stop thinning hair. Hair extension and volumizing treatments use harsh chemicals, and they have serious side effects. So, plan and take a good diet to have healthy hair. Even if you are experiencing hormonal changes or taking some treatment, your hair won't thin if you take a proper diet.

Harsh Chemicals: The shampoo, conditioner, serums, and oils contain harsh chemicals. Some of us even use coloring, styling gels, and other cosmetics to add beauty to our hair. But how many of us check the ingredients list before using the hair products? Some people are allergic to certain ingredients. SLS is used for car washing, producing a lot of lather. Shampoos that have SLS can dry and thin your hair. Alcohol present in styling products dries your hair and makes it look limp. Even if you use mild shampoos but wash your hair daily, you may often experience excessive hair thinning. We must use harmless and gentle hair care products to avoid this issue. Visit Nouvelle Nouveau to learn about natural hair care and styling products. They are alcohol-free, non-greasy, and harmless.

Depression: Experts and researchers don't find any link between hair thinning and depression. But practically, many people who experience stress and are anxious experience many changes in their hair. The common issue is that when we are stressed, we rarely take care of our hair. We eat poorly, and it has a substantial negative impact on our hair. People who experience stress from the office also experience hair thinning. Once you recover from anxiety or depression, your hair will grow back in six to nine months. You must change lifestyle habits and diet and go for meditation or yoga to regain peace. Hobbies will also help you relax. Whatever it is, you should follow a proper hair care routine. Set aside time to care for your hair. Click the link to learn about the essential steps to take care of your hair.

Hair thinning decreases the density and makes hair styling difficult. It is better to use products that prevent hair thinning. If you go for volumizers, they are chemicals and will affect the scalp and strands again. You should also improve your diet and use natural hair growth oil. The foam mousse set from NVNV Beauty is harmless and helps in styling hair. You can also try the healing and rejuvenating oil from Nouvelle Nouveau. Visit the blog to learn how to care for and style your hair without side effects.