Sweat Is An Invisible Factor That Causes Hair Loss - Is It True?

We have talked about many causes of hair loss. The hair growth tips and hair care plans are also good. But still, we haven't seen a key factor for hair loss. Sweat is a crucial hindrance to hair growth as it causes heavy hair loss. You may be an athlete or a fitness freak who spends much time in the gym. The more outdoor or physical activities you do, the higher the possibility of excessive sweating. Here we shall see how sweat speeds up hair loss and how to avoid it. We will also discuss some Nouvelle Nouveau hair products that help overcome this problem.

Factors That Contribute To Excess Sweating:

Initially, we shall see what causes sweating and how to avoid them. The common causes include heat, a sticky scalp that acts as a trap for all the dirt in the environment, and physical activities.

  • Heat: It is common to sweat during summer. When you travel to equatorial regions or desert areas, you will see your hair turning worse. Body heat also increases sweating. So, eat cool foods like fruit juices and cucumber salad. If you are in a hot place, ensure you avoid spicy food and a diet that increases body heat. Ayurvedic diet plans have better options so that you can check them. Wear cotton attires and keep your hair safe from the sun.
  • Sticky Scalp: The sweat, along with the oil, can attract more dirt. Eventually, the impurities and oil clog the hair follicles. The excess oil and dirt will further trigger the sweat glands. The clogged follicles often cause heavy hair fall. So even if it's not hot weather, you may feel sweaty. Apply oil thrice a week and wash it the next day with a mild cleanser. Condition and nourish your hair regularly.
  • Exercise And Sports: Any physical activity will trigger the sweat glands. It helps to eliminate the toxins in your body. Good sweat can turn into an enemy for your hair. The problem can arise even while you are doing tough household chores. Once your scalp feels sticky with sweat, have a quick shower; it will help a lot.

Remedies For Hair Loss From Sweat:

Drink lots of water. Hydration helps to keep your body cool. Dehydration also causes excess sweat. So, when your body gets ample water, it stays cool. Come home and cleanse your hair if you have had a tiring day. Nouvelle Nouveau waterless cleanser is the best as it's mild and doesn't need any water to rinse it off. To avoid over-shampooing, you can use the NVNV Beauty conditioner as a detangler to keep your hair and scalp nourished, frizz-free and clean. Stay in cool areas, under the fan, or in an air-conditioned room. Keep your diet under check. I hope if you follow all these tips, in a few months, the hair loss due to excessive sweat will stop. After that, you can try the Nouvelle Nouveau extreme out of growth bundle to boost hair growth. 

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