Self-Care Tips To Protect Hair At Night

Hair care is always an ongoing process. The more time you spend on it, the healthier your hair will be. So what shall we do at night so that our sleep becomes a blessing in disguise? Sleep eats up a lot of our lifetime. Proper sleep allows organs to rest, and the benefits of sleep are countless. When you get ample sleep, you will have healthy hair. But have you ever noticed your damaged hair when you wake up? Do you find hair strands sticking to your pillow and sheets? If so, your night hair care routine needs to be corrected. Here we have some easy self-care tips to follow. It will enable you to have stronger, healthier, and denser hair.

  • How To Do A Scalp Oil Treatment To Boost Natural Hair Growth? Overnight scalp therapies are beneficial in stimulating hair growth. The scalp oil treatment has many benefits. You can mildly heat the NVNV Beauty growth oil for hair and apply it on the scalp. Massage the scalp in a circular motion using your fingertips. Now apply oil on each hair strand, covering the whole hair length. Wrap a hot turkey towel around your head and leave it for one to two hours. You can do this once a week for better results. Try Nouvelle Nouveau growth oil for hair now.
  • Benefits Of Showering At Night: Many people prefer showering in the morning. But if you have sleeping troubles, taking a night shower is good. Poor sleep also indirectly affects the health of your hair. Take a shower before going to bed. Experts say you should wash your hair at least ninety minutes before you sleep. Remember to do the scalp oil treatment two hours before your shower. But experts say that scalp oil treatment gives excellent results if you leave the oil overnight. A five-to-ten-minute shower will wash off the oil and give you a deep sleep.
  • Use A Silk Or Satin Pillow Cover: Friction is the primary cause of hair breakage. You should read this if you wake up with frizzy and messy hair daily. Are you using rough pillow covers that are affecting your hair? It is best to go for a satin pillowcase. Silk pillow covers are also acceptable. Ensure your hair doesn't rub on rough surfaces while you sleep. You can have a silky-smooth bed sheet too. When you tie your hair using scrunchies, use a satin hair tie.
  • Brush And Braid Your Hair Before Sleep: Keep a top-quality hairbrush near your bedside. Before you sleep, brush the lengths of your hair. A good hair brush exfoliates the scalp, removes dirt, detangles, and gives a shine. You can also try the NVNV Beauty hair detangler. If you apply any hair serum, it's good to do it now. Try using some good essential oil at the tips of your hair. The daily dose healing oil for hair from Nouvelle Nouveau is the best, so why not try it now? Finally, braid your hair. Loose braids are okay but braid until the tip. Braiding prevents frizz and stimulates hair growth. If you have long hair, braid and make a bun.
  • Cover Your Hair: When you have applied whatever you wish on your silky-smooth hair, cover it up. It is not just for the looks but to protect your hair as you sleep. A satin scarf or a headband will prevent hair from falling on your face while you sleep. The scarf serves as extra protection. It also contains the breakage of hair and reduces frizz. You will wake up the following day with pretty hair.

Follow the tips to protect your hair during sleep. Once you start the night hair care routine, you will better understand the needs. These are essential tips; you can add more to them as time passes. Try NVNV Beauty's seven-day hair care routine. Many clients are happy to experience excessive hair growth after following our tips and tricks. Follow Nouvelle Nouveau to know the latest trends in hair care and styling.