How To Manage Postpartum Hair Loss?


We all know it's ubiquitous and normal to experience hair loss during postpartum or breastfeeding. Mothers experience mild to severe hair loss after delivering their babies. It is natural as you may have lost a lot of nutrients and blood. Breastfeeding causes hormonal imbalance, and the falling estrogen levels cause excessive hair shedding. Childbirth forces seventy percent of hair in the anagen phase to the resting telogen phase, thus stopping hair growth. You can minimize the damage by using natural hair care products from Nouvelle Nouveau. Here we shall see what we can do to manage postpartum hair loss. 

Hair Volumizer: It's easy to give a denser look to your temporarily thin hair. Just use a good quality hair volumizer, shampoo, or conditioner. It will thicken the hair strands and give a fuller look for some time. Whenever you go out, you can try this out and avoid the prying eyes and pity of people. It helps you look like you haven't lost any hair. Visit NVNV Beauty to see if any of their hair products will suit you.

Visit A Hair Stylist: Though a volumizer is an excellent option to hide hair loss, it's better to go to the hair salon for better ideas. They may give you a new cut that will conceal your hair loss. You can make minor changes like modifying how you part your hair and comb or brush differently to provide a denser look. You can also trim your hair to ease your hair maintenance plan. 

Avoid Heat Styling: During postpartum, your hair will be weak and can easily break off. So please avoid heat styling, including dryers. Air drying or using the low heat or cool settings in the hair dryer can help protect your hair. You can get the foam mousse set from NVNV Beauty. It helps you style your hair without the need for any heat tools. The waterless cleanser and conditioner are beneficial.

Don't Handle Hair Roughly: Generally, when the hair is weak, we shouldn't pull it off and rough handle it. Similarly, your scalp and follicles will be very tender during postpartum. Don't use harsh combs, brush with coarse bristles, styling tools, or anything that will hurt your hair. You can try the healing oil and detangler from Nouvelle Nouveau. Both products make hair care easy.

Wear Hair Accessories: Using stylish hair accessories is another easy way to hide hair loss. Flowers, hair pins, clips, and hair ornaments draw the attention of people's eyes and leave your hair unnoticed. Change your hairstyle and position the accessories in the right place to have a beautiful look. If needed, you can also go for natural-looking hair extensions.

These tips are to hide your hair loss temporarily. In three or six months, your body will be normal, and your hair will start growing back. Follow the doctor's suggestions and take an excellent diet to speed up the process. Keep your estrogen levels intact, and everything will return to the good old days. Many women, after delivery, forgets to take care of themselves while caring for their infants. Don't be so; always have some me time. Find time to sleep and eat well. If possible, have a nanny or someone who can take care of your baby when you are taking care of yourself. Visit Nouvelle Nouveau and buy some of their products and pamper yourself.