How Stay Laid Braid Gel From NVNV Beauty Helps In Enhancing Your Braids?


We have many new hairstyles and haircuts, but long hair and braiding have been in the world for so long. We can trace back braids to 3500 BC. The origin lies somewhere, probably in Namibia. Braid helps people concentrate on work and keep their hair free of tangles. In the beginning, elders braid the hair of the kids; watching them, the kids too start to learn the art. Now, we have a lot of gels and oils at NVNV Beauty to hold and define the braid making the job easier.

Please visit the link if you haven't heard about NVNV Beauty's hair care products. Nouvelle Nouveau has a set of alcohol-free, paraben, and sulfate-free hair care and styling products. Of all the products from NVNV Beauty, the braid gel is peculiar and very useful for men and women who love braids. The hair products from Nouvelle Nouveau have a mild fragrance and are good for maintaining healthy hair. Here we shall see some of the different types of braids and how stay laid braid gel can enhance the beauty of your long hair.

  • Three Or Four Strand Braid: It is the simplest braid pattern and is in use worldwide. It's the best choice for a daily office goer. You can bring variations in the simple hairstyle by adjusting the thickness of the braid. Once you detangle your hair, part the hair and apply an ample amount of NVNV Beauty braid gel on the hair. The gel helps the hair to stay laid.
  • Corn Rows: People like classic braid styles more than the trendy ones. Corn-rows have been in the world of hairstyles for a long. The hairstyle resembles a look of a neatly arranged cornfield. Braiding is excellent art, and you need patience and skill to make a corn-row braid. Use our braid gels over the neat braids. The extra hold puts the braid in its place and adds elegance to the hairstyle.
  • Dutch And French Braids: Both these braids are related hairstyles. A Dutch braid, in simple terms, is a reverse hairstyle of a French braid. Before braiding, you should detangle your hair with a Deeply Rooted Leave-In Detangler. You can also use the braid gel at the end for edge control. The flying hair strands at the end can make the braid awkward, but gel brings control over the edges and gives a finishing touch.
  • Two Strand Twists: Apply the Stay Laid Braid gel with a tail comb before twisting your hair. The gel has a moisturizing effect, so it's good for the hair. Braids and twists add more charm and strength to black hair. Before opting for any lifestyle sports braiding hair protects the hair from damage. It also provides max hold for long hours.
  • Box Braids: There is a common belief that box braids symbolize wealth. Some people add beads and jewelry to the braid to make it more attractive. But before that, don't forget to use the stay-laid braid gel from NVNV Beauty. It's not just the beautiful black women of Africa who loves braids; now, the world over is in love with this hairstyle.

In ancient times each African tribe has its way of braiding. We can quickly identify the tribe from their hairstyle. Braid patterns indicate not just the tribe but also their marital status, wealth, religion, age, and position in the tribe. Mexican braids also have a significant identity. When the thick and strong locks of hair are held together by a braid, they are fantastic. NVNV Beauty adds more beauty with its Stay Laid Braid Gel Extra Hold.