Harmless Quick And Easy Hairstyles Without Heat

The past two decades saw a significant rise in the usage of heat styling tools. Initially blow dryer was essential and unavoidable as it helped dry hair even when the weather was colder. Then slowly, it became a styling tool, and people thought it gave bounce and volume to the hair. Then came dryers with nanotechnology and ions that control frizz, hair straighteners, and curls. The most significant disadvantage of these heat styling tools is they use extreme heat to keep the hair in control. It thins the strands, weakens the roots, and causes excessive hair loss. The hair care industry then got alert and introduced heat protectants. Some home remedies for heat protection also came up. But they provide little protection, and the problem persists. So many are avoiding heat-styling tools. Here we shall see how we can care for and style our hair without heat and still look pretty good in a gathering.

Play With You Natural Texture: Your hair can be straight, wavy, curly, and coils. Instead of trying to change the pattern of your hair, please leave it as it is. Make use of the natural texture and choose hairstyles for your hair. Your hair can be thin, medium, or thick – so your hairstyles should also keep this factor in mind. Ponytails aren't suitable for people with thin hair, which may look more delicate. If you are not going to use heat styling tools, the best way is to adapt your hairstyle to your hair type. But you can try volumizers for thin hair and gels for unruly hair. Keeping your texture as it is and finding the hairstyles that will enhance your texture and give a beautiful look to your face will save your hair from the harsh effects of heat styling. If you want curly, wavy, crimpy, or straight hair, you can opt for natural methods but accepting your hair as it is and learning to style it is the best way.

Keep The Curls: Wavy or curly hair isn't easy to style. You can use bobby pins and braid gels to flatten it. Nouvelle Nouveau has some natural hair care and styling products that suit people with curly hair. But I advise you to please avoid chemical straightening or hot straightening irons. They make your hair thin, and the root weakens, leading to hair loss and hair breakage. If you have the perfect haircut for your face, curly hairs are the easiest to style. Bob cut, fringes, layered – consult an excellent hairstylist to finalize the cut. 3D curls are a trend of the current year, 2022. Just use a strong-hold moisturizing hair gel and leave the curls as it is. It enhances the shine of the strands and keeps the hair and scalp hydrated. You can try the stay-laid braid gel from NVNV Beauty. You can also try a loose ponytail and let the curly or wavy hair flow down.

Brush And Detangle Hair: All hair types need moisturizers to keep them clean and free of tangles. If not, whatever styles you try, they will look dull. Brushing your hair helps to remove the dead cells from the scalp and keep it neat. It also stimulates the follicles and boosts hair growth. Buy a good quality hair brush, and if you have a bob cut, you need to brush It periodically to keep the strands in their place. You can use a good quality natural detangler if your hair is curly. Nouvelle Nouveau has a coconut-based detangler that conditions removes tangles and keeps your hair frizz-free all day. Even if you leave your hair untied and visit a stormy beach, your hair will look perfect and neatly done. You can also easily manage and style your hair with a brush by adding a lift, bounce, or shine to the hair. Braid gels from NVNV Beauty help you to hold the hairstyle in its place.

Braids: The complex hairstyle has its origin in an ancient era. The benefits of braids include preventing hair loss, controlling frizz, and boosting hair growth. It also keeps your hair from disturbing while you are busy at work. It looked like the style had gone out of fashion a few years back. Nowadays, people have less time to braid. Modern life did kill the old hairstyle. But very soon, technological advancements and the cosmetics industry brought it back to the forefront. Now youngsters are willing to braid their hair, which has become another trend like 3D curls. Visit NVNV Beauty to buy some of its top products that help to braid and maintain the hairstyle. Nouvelle Nouveau's stay-laid gel is superb, and it helps to prevent flyaway hairs and keeps the edges perfect. The gel moisturizes and provides a firm and long-lasting hold. When it comes to braids, you have a lot of styling options like box braids, cornrows, bob braids, long knotless braids, twists, etc.

Start Hair Styling From The Shower: Wet hairstyles are easy and save you a lot of time. There is no use for a hair dryer. Many office goers love to club their hair styling and shower together. Wet and damp styling lets you apply the hairstyling products when it's either dripping or after squeezing the excess water. A good hair wash will help you redefine the curls. Most of the hair products for curly and wavy hair work well when you apply them to wet hair. Wet styling means applying the products on dripping hair. In damp styling, you apply the products after squeezing the excess water. You won't use a blow dryer or heat-styling tools in both cases. This styling may look weird, but try it once, and you will love it. Visit Nouvelle Nouveau and check out modern hair styling products.

Use Foam Mousse Sets: The Nouvelle Nouveau foam mousse sets are a superb collection to try. It's the best for hair styling. The waterless cleanser lets you clean the dirt from your scalp and hair without needing a rinse. It also reduces the need for daily hair washing and hair dryers. The curl-defining foam mousse greatly supports your curly or wavy hair. Next comes the moisturizing and conditioning foam mousse, which helps nourish the hair without needing water or a hair dryer. The texturing styling foam from NVNV Beauty lets you style your hair as you wish. The good thing about these foam mousse sets for hair styling is that it doesn't contain alcohol. They dry quickly and are great for people searching for harmless hair styling products.

I hope these steps helped you better understand hair styling without the curlers, straighteners, and dryers. These are some basic ideas, and you can add more innovation to them. Check the Nouvelle Nouveau blog for more updates about hair care and styling. We regularly post our views and tips.