Hair Styles For Halloween- How To Protect Your Hair?

Halloween costumes are the highlight of the day. You would have gone door to door for the trick to treating as kids. Elders, too, can. But before jumping into Halloween makeup, don’t forget about your hair. Try to go for simple makeup that doesn’t want you to use more chemicals on your hair. Here we shall see some practical tips on protecting your hair during Halloween.

  • Keep An Eye On Hair Colors: People often use different color dyes to create a scary look during Halloween. The side effects include getting conjunctivitis, hair fall, and respiratory troubles. Even if you are used to dying, some hair colors and brands can cause harsh reactions. Some do a patch test before applying the colors to the hair or scalp. The hair may get thinner and worsen if you use heat-styling tools. Why not try a wig this time and leave your hair safe?
  • Condition Your Hair: Before styling your hair for Halloween, use the waterless cleanser from NVNV beauty. Then try the moisturizing conditioner so you will look shiny and healthy. You can buy the entire foam mousse set from Nouvelle Nouveau. It helps you style your natural hair without using heat styling tools. If you are going to braid your hair, try the NVNV Beauty braid gel.
  • Look For DIY Tutorial That Doesn’t Affect Hair: Many Halloween hairstyles don’t use hair colors or hurting accessories. Browse for hairstyles that let your natural hair remain the same. The less use of chemicals and props saves your hair. Mermaid waves, high ponytails, bubble braids, butterfly hair, faux bobs, low chignon, or colorful hats can simultaneously make you look funny and scary.
  • Check Out The Halloween Discounts: Nouvelle Nouveau is giving its customer a special discount for Halloween. You can buy any hair care or styling products from NVNV Beauty and get a 50%. In other words, you buy one and get another free. Check the official website for more details about the discounts. All their products have zero side effects and are very nourishing.
  • Try Backcombing If You Need Volume: Hair volumizing chemicals can be harmful. Blow drying and chemical volumizers can lead to hair loss. If you need a hairstyle that requires an increase in volume, try backcombing. NVNV beauty foam mousses are a quick and natural way to volumize and style your hair as you wish. Try the waterless cleanser from Nouvelle Nouveau to have a denser look.
  • Use Braid Gel And Foam Mousse Set: The curl-defining mousse from Nouvelle Nouveau can help you style your hair spookily. Your neighbors and friends will find it scary when you can volumize and make the curls look more prominent. It quickly gives a monstrous look. The braid gel from NVNV Beauty moisturizes your hair and helps to keep it in place. The styling foam for natural hair is the easiest and safest option for this Halloween.

Nouvelle Nouveau hair care and styling products benefit hair styling and Halloween costumes. Moreover, we also have good discounts for the festival season. Visit now to know more.