Hair Care Routine With Simple Kitchen Products

Hair Care Routine With Simple Kitchen Products

There will be days like the covid 19 lockdown when you will not have access to stylish hair care products from the store. You might have to look at your pantry shelf for quick hacks to help you continue your hair care routine. Sometimes when we travel to remote places and your supplies have dried up, the following hair hacks will help you a lot. They use ordinary ingredients, but they give extraordinary results. Come, let's dive in.

Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner: Most of you may have yet to hear about using Mayonnaise as a hair conditioner. Like an egg hair mask, mayonnaise hair conditioners are very beneficial. Eggs and olive oil are the main ingredients of Mayonnaise. Some people also use canola oil. The protein in the mask strengthens the hair strands and follicles, whereas the oil acts as a moisturizer. It's the best mask available at your dining table. So, the next time you get Mayonnaise, remember to apply it to your hair.

Coca-Cola To Increase Hair Volume: If you are worried about your thin hair, here is a quick hack. I hope your refrigerator has Coca-Cola. Apply it to your hair, which coats around, thickening its strands. It also smoothens your hair and defines your curls. You will have bouncy hair, and you can style your hair as you wish. It's a low-cost styling option for your kitchen. If you are looking for serious styling options, try the NVNV Beauty foam mousse set.

Gelatin For Volumized Hair: When you eat jello or gelatin, the protein helps to strengthen the hair roots and stop hair fall. It improves the thickness of your hair and stimulates hair growth. You can also treat your hair with a gelatin pack. Gelatin, milk, and hair conditioner are the combo you need to apply to have the bouncy hair you dream of getting. Check Nouvelle Nouveau for natural ways to volumize your dull hair.

Aspirin For Hair: Have you heard that aspirin can clear acne? Similarly, we can use it to treat dandruff on hair. You need not spend money to buy expensive dandruff treatments. Powder an aspirin tablet and add it to your shampoo. The salicylic acid in the pill helps to clear the scalp of infection. It's a cost-effective and easy remedy. You can use it every two weeks to get healthy hair.

Cornstarch Shampoo: There is considerable debate as people say dry shampoo available in the market has carcinogenic ingredients. Many are banned, and people are afraid of them. But dry shampoo is essential during colder days and for people with sinus or other respiratory ailments. The NVNV Beauty's waterless cleanser is a healthy option. The foam mousse clears all dirt from the scalp in a few minutes. If you don't have them here, we have a home remedy. Mix cornstarch and cocoa powder, and that's it. Apply it on your scalp, and you are ready to go out with a clean scalp.

Nowadays, people are looking for natural remedies when it comes to hair care. But not everyone has time to try it, and not all effectively give optimal results. Some real-life hacks work well. Nouvelle Nouveau doesn't use harsh ingredients but gives you the desired results better than these kitchen ingredients. Why not visit NVNV Beauty today?