Everyday Hair Care Tips For Colored Hair

Color-treated hair is not easy to maintain. But does that mean you should never use a hair dye? Not at all. You can color your hair and still guard yourself against the disadvantages of chemicals in the hair dye. Keep reading the blog to learn more about how to care for and maintain your color-treated hair. If you are cautious and follow these steps, your hair will remain strong and healthy. Here you will also see how to keep the color for long. You will also know how to use some hot-selling Nouvelle Nouveau products on dyed hair.

  1. Avoid Shampoo: If you are someone who shampoos your hair daily, please read the following. The chemicals in the shampoo strip off your natural oil and dry your hair. In the long run, hair becomes brittle, and you will experience hair breakage and loss. When it comes to colored hair, if you shampoo daily or even wash your hair daily with water, it is highly probable that your color will go off in a few days. Ideal usage is to shampoo or wash hair every three days. But when you have colored your strands, some hair stylists suggest color protectant shampoo. NVNV Beauty has waterless cleanser foam mousse, which comes in handy to clean hair that is colored. There are many natural and harmless options in the market to avoid daily shampooing. It helps protect your hair from dryness too.
  2. Use Good Quality Conditioners: Once you color your hair, the strands are fragile. It lacks nourishment, so it can easily break while you comb your hair. Some people apply hair packs with natural ingredients, but not everyone has time for that. Again, you can try color protectant conditioners, but remember that you cannot wash your colored hair frequently if you want to keep the color for long. Always make sure you can balance it perfectly. Coloring is for a good look, but the chemicals will negatively impact your hair. To prevent hair damage, you need to take precautionary steps, and at the same time, you have to keep the color for long. You can try the moisturizing conditioning foam mousse from Nouvelle Nouveau.
  3. Avoid High-Temperature Hair Stylers: Hair coloring makes the strands weak, so your first priority is to protect them and rejuvenate and strengthen the hair follicles. The biggest problem most women do is using a hair dryer. Heat stylers dry your hair much, which harms the already weak color-treated hair. The same goes with curlers and straighteners. Please avoid them for some days after coloring. Please don’t say that you are using heat protectant serums, which are harmless. The more chemicals and heat on your colored hair is always inviting trouble. We feel you should air dry or towel dry your hair. Foam mousse sets are suitable for hair styling if they are alcohol-free. Visit Nouvelle Nouveau to check their products; you will get a better idea.
  4. First Hair Wash After Coloring: Hair stylists recommend you should wash your hair only after 72 hours. The color has to get into the hair, and if you wash your hair earlier, all your hard work will go in vain. The cuticle layer automatically closes in around three days, thus locking the color. It ensures the color lasts longer. Even if you dye your hair at the parlor or home, follow this rule without fail. When you wash, take care of the conditioner or shampoo you will use. Also, ensure you don’t use boiling water during your hair wash. Another reason for delaying hair washing is the strands are weaker now, so you shouldn’t disturb them unnecessarily. The more time you give for the strands to recover and rejuvenate, the better.
  5. Keep Your Hair Moisturized: We have already seen that we should use a good quality chemical-free conditioner to keep your color-treated hair nourished. When your skin gets dry, you will apply moisturizer. Similarly, to make your colored hair healthier, you should use moisturizing hair gels. Moisturizing conditioning foam mousse from NVNV Beauty is a better choice as it acts as a two–in–one support for color-treated hair. It provides conditioning and nourishment and moisturizes your dry and brittle hair. Just go through the products as they all use good ingredients that don’t dry or harm your hair. The blog section also gives you tips on hair care.
  6. Provide Ample Nourishment And Hydration: A good diet will help your hair guard itself against the adverse reactions of coloring it. Drink ample water as hydration is most important to fight against dry skin or scalp. It also improves your complexion. A good iron and protein-rich diet strengthen your hair. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies also cause hair loss. If possible, consult a nutritionist, take a blood test and change your diet plan or take supplements to maintain good hair. Adding omega 3 to your diet strengthens and moisturizes the hair and scalp. Avoid oily and junk foods for the first two weeks and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  7. Does Braiding Improve The Strength Of Colored Hair? Some people color braided hair, but we are here to talk about can you braid your hair after coloring. Hair dye has harsh chemicals, so experts say you must wait another two weeks to begin complex hairdos like braiding. It's good to consult your hair stylist before making a decision. After two weeks, if your hair is in better condition, you can braid your color-treated hair. But always use good quality products to moisturize your braids and keep them clean. Please avoid heat styling tools. Nouvelle Nouveau has good braid care products that suit all types of hair. You can visit them now and choose your product.

We hope that these tips will help you a lot. You can visit the blog for more information and tricks in hair care. We post regular updates so stay connected.