Advanced Tips For Braiding Hair

Advanced Tips For Braiding Hair

Braiding is an age-old art. Mastering braiding requires expertise, patience, and the right tools and hair styling products. Have you ever wondered why you couldn't get salon-style hair at home? You may need to use a different process for braiding. Nouvelle Nouveau has some of the best hairstyling products that allow even a beginner to braid easily. Here we shall see some expert and result-giving tips for braiding. When you follow these well-guarded secrets of hair stylists, you will always get the perfect braid.

Prepare Hair For Braiding: Before trying out any hairstyle, it's good to prepare your hair. Braiding needs you to pull and twist the hair a lot. First, clean your hair using the NVNV Beauty waterless cleanser foam mousse. And then condition each strand. Using the Nouvelle Nouveau detangler will remove the frizz and reduces hair damage while we braid the hair. Every time you braid your hair, remember to follow all the hair care steps to avoid hair loss or breakage.

Section Using Tail Comb: The beauty of braiding depends partly on the way you partition the hair and on how you braid it. If you are going for cornrows, a neat partition is a must. We know that partitioning hair for braids comes with practice. But experts say if you use a tail comb, it makes things easier. First, you should have healthier and manageable frizz-free hair; next, you need an easy and less-damaging way to section your hair for braiding. Tail comb defines the partitions clearly and makes your partitions clear and attractive.

Practice A Lot: Now you have good hair and a powerful yet simple tool to help you braid. But is that enough? It would help if you practiced the techniques repeatedly to master them. Start from basic braiding and then move forward. List out all the braiding techniques and learn them one by one. Start from simpler ones like double twists and French braids and move on to complex ones like box braids. Please spend some time on each technique and try it repeatedly until you master it. The more trials you do, the best your braid will look.

Why Is Braid Gel Important? Nouvelle Nouveau makes braiding easier for beginners. Try their stay-laid braid gel. It moisturizes the scalp and prevents flyaways. Use braid gel on washed or shampooed scalp. You can also apply braid gel over the braids as it keeps in hold the hairdo for many hours. The main benefits of braid gel include neat partition and firmer hold. The natural braid gel from NVNV Beauty also promotes hair growth.

Braid On The Second Or Third Day After Shampoo: When you braid the hair immediately after washing or cleansing your hair, the braids won't be good. The hair will be slippery, so there are bigger chances of flyaways. Moreover, the hair will be challenging to control, and you will not get properly finished braids. So, wait until the hair gets some dirt. It's always good to braid on the second or third day. Some use wax and gels to attract dirt and get additional hold while braiding. The other option is to use the waterless cleanser from Nouvelle Nouveau and start braiding immediately.

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